No one could possibly say that moving overseas (or returning) is easy or stress free. That’s why at South london removals , we shoulder all of that on your behalf, so that you can just get on with life and let us take care of the moving bit. From selecting all the necessary packaging to packing up your belongings and then loading and unloading the various items required for your move, to the necessary documentation for your international move. Every bit of transport and delivery will be looked after by us, with nothing left to chance. As we like to say, ” A friend in need is an South London Removals indeed’.

What other major benefits you get with our international move services:

  1. Your own international move manager to help.
  2. Transportation by air, sea & road – choose your option.
  3. Option for temporary accommodation arrangements.
  4. Option for temporary storage.
  5. Professional export standard packing with palletising.


  1. Documentation: When you are aware of the documents you require you will then need to make sure yours and your family’s are all up to date and accessible.
  2. What to take and what not: You will not necessarily want to take everything with you, especially if you are moving abroad. Make a list of the things you are definitely taking with you – and don’t just throw away the items you are leaving behind. Ask your relatives and friends if they want anything, or give the things to charities.
  3. Notify: As you are changing address, you will have to notify utility companies in advance, also notify banks, friends and relatives to send your mail to your new address.
  4. Boxes: It is essential to get moving boxes and other packing material. You can choose from here a wide range of quality boxes and other packaging materials.
  5. Defrost your refrigerator in time for moving day
  6. Pack a suitcase with clothes and toiletries like you are going on a trip for a few days
  7. Keep your important items like documents, keys and other personal valuables with you.
  8. Be present on the moving day: To ensure that everything goes as planned with the removal team, it is important to be present on the moving day
  9. Access: Keep entrances and all pathways, corridors clear to avoid delay in work. Keep parking space for the van to park up as close as possible to your home